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Client Testimonials

                        This Band's energetic stage shows have been appreciated by newlyweds, corporate clients, fraternity and sorority events and in the best clubs across the country!

       Here are just a few short testimonials that our clients have submitted…..


             The LouDPaQ was spectacular at our wedding reception! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great, entertaining band for any occasion, large or small. They are great performers, have wonderful music selections, and everyone in the crowd absolutely loves them. They play such a great variety of music, old and new. Besides their excellent performance, I also wanted to speak about how easy and flexible they were to work with. I emailed the band leader a lot to make sure I was organized for what they needed the day of the wedding and I was hoping that I wasn't bothering him too much with my detailed questions, but he was great and more than happy to answer any of my questions and address any concerns I had for the day of the wedding so that things ran smoothly. He always answered me promptly which I appreciated as well. The whole band was also very easy to work with the day of the performance. Some of the other bands I was looking to hire were so high maintenance and had certain demands about how they wanted things done. The Band LouDPaQ was the opposite of that because they were so incredibly easy to work with the entire time and that was something I really appreciated about them. For example, we wanted kind of a cocktail hour before the band started playing and I worked with the band leader to ensure they could play music softly on an I pod or something through their sound system. We wanted it to be some sort of jazz, so he even made the playlist for us and made sure it was playing when the guests arrived. I also have a family friend that likes to get on stage and sings "Hang On Sloopy" and the band was great about allowing him to do that with no problem. These were kind of out of the ordinary requests, but he made it seem like no problem at all. Basically to sum it up, this band was awesome and wonderful to work with. I would definitely hire them again and I hope you strongly consider them if you are looking for good entertainment for any occasion!

- Joellyn Sullivan,  Silky O' Sullivan's Memphis, TN

       "Silky O' Sullivan's enjoys having EvenOdds (aka LouDPaQ, Steven MusicDude Thomas ld. singer) play the patio. Their energy never fails to excite the crowd and get people dancing! "

Steph.,Sorority event for Mississippi. St. University

       "MusicDude is my favorite performer, we've hired his band at many of our Sorority events and he is always the best!!!!"


                                                                                                                    Mr. Jack Hayes Attorney

         I booked LouDPaQ for my daughters wedding reception on 2/13/16. They were amazing. Everything went like clockwork! They were extremely professional. Their music was enjoyed by all. We had a very diverse age group and everyone was on the dance floor from the first song to the last. Steve (MusicDude) acted as if we were family and he wanted everything to be perfect. Can't go wrong with Steve and LouDPaQ!!!!

                                                             Christine & Lee

Dear LouDPaQ,

    Thank you so much for coming all the way from Memphis (to Atlanta) to play at our Wedding. You are all incredible performers and you brought the party & soul to our Special Day! The gift basket was also so sweet & thoughtful. Thanks again "MusicDude" for the fabulous music!


Christine & Lee

                                                                                                               Vaughn Wedding

Steven M.D. Thomas & LoudPaQ,                                                                 
               Thank you so much for being true professionals and still performing after experiencing a car accident. We truly appreciate your willingness to perform and everyone was amazed by the band's talent. Next time we do have a party with a band we would love to have y'all! 

Thanks again, 

SK Vaughn 

                                                      Ray & Katie Cooper


Ryan & Nicole

  This wonderful band performed at my wedding reception and I must say, you guys are the epitome of entertainment!!! From the beginning of the night our guests were on their feet movin and groovin! Steven was out on the dance floor with all of us and interacting with our guest like a pro! LouDPaQ MADE OUR RECEPTION! I will forever recommend this fantastic band to all folks having weddings or hosting events! Thank you so much for being so kind, gracious, flexible, and fun!
Blessings to you all!!!
Nicole Adcock